Meet hicon : the first fashion bangle with social network icons YOU choose.

The social bracelet displays your personality and finds people with similar interests.


Hicon – The social bangle” is a revolution of the Internet of Things and wearable technology. It is the first real social display showing your personality and recognising nearby people with similar passions.
Customize it with your favourite icons to narrate your identity and to encourage interaction.
Your Hicon and the one of a matching person will blink, bringing social networks to the real physical life… and back: with a gesture, you link each other to afterwards easily meet online.
Hicon is a smart bracelet with Bluetooth 4 LE. Social network updates and notifications will light it up and vibrate it gently. It can also help to locale your phone or to get alerts of incoming calls, messages or whatever you decide is important to you.

Hicon Indiegogo Campaign is officially Open!


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