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Publishing e-Catalogs and Booklets for Mobile Devices with Ease
Make new and existing issues available on e.g. the iPad today using FSI Pages mobile.The HTML 5 based FSI Pages mobile application brings the market proven functionality of FSI Pages to Apple iOS and Google Android based mobile devices with ease.

The lightweight web application design of FSI Pages mobile provides users with instant access to your publications using their web browser.

  There is no need to download or setup any software in advance and no need to care about various app stores.This also leaves you in full control over your publications and you can remove, add or replace content any time without any delay. Once you modify the content on FSI Server, the users will be presented the modified content.
Try it on your iPhone/iPad device:http://lnk.imgdn.net/pynh
Benefits at a glance:
  • Extends the publication range to iOS and Android based mobile devices
  • FSI Server delivers the exact required resolutions for different mobile devices on the fly
  • Extremely short publishing time due to the web based design
  • No app download required
  • Content changes and updates will be available to all end users immediately
  • Users can access issues within seconds rather than downloading the entire data in advance
  • Almost no additional efforts to publish for mobile devices
  • Create libraries containing related issues accessible to the user by a tip of his finger
  • Support for hyperlinks, product descriptions and e-commerce integration
One Solution for almost all Mobile Devices
Today almost all popular mobile devices ship with a Webkit based internet browser like Apple Safari or Google Chrome. With FSI Pages mobile you don’t publish for the iPad or the iPhone or Android based mobile devices – you publish your content to all of them in one go.Due to FSI Server’s Single Source Imaging capabilities pages are served in the perfect dimension for different screen dimensions on the fly. This does not only provide a perfect image quality, but saves bandwidth resources at the same time.

With FSI Pages Mobile you can publish issues containing thousands of pages without increasing the startup time remarkably, because it dynamically loads data required data. In contast to traditional apps users get instant access rather than having to download the application and content in advance.

  This is why FSI Pages Mobile is the perfect addition to FSI Pages as it extends the audience to Android and iOS based mobile devices like the Apple iPad.As it uses the same configuration and source files like the market proven desktop version of FSI Pages extending your publication range to mobile devices could not be any easier.

Using FSI Pages mobile you can add access for mobile devices even for issues you published before using the desktop version without any efforts.

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