hicon smart bracelet wristband Oled display BLE iPhone accessory social network icons



Meet the new Hicon: Smart wristband BLE4.OLED display real time notifications, gesture recognition for exchange contacts with a just an handshake!

hicon wristband is a hi-tech, silicone material shatterproof,
 shockproof and waterproof, available in many colors and textures, with interchangeable
 social network and smartphone notification icons, it is connected via Bluetooth 4.0 L.E. to your
 smartphone through its companion application and it is equipped with anOLED display 128×32 fully integrated into the wristband.  hicon connects to your SmartPhone and updates you on only the notifications you care, from social 
networks or from smartphone applications (e.g. mail messages, phone calls, battery
life) right at your wrist so that the corresponding icon lights up and vibrates with discretion.

The OLED display will show you the notifications contents and details, so you can stay updated discreetly and get right back to what you were doing in a second

Thanks to the feature “exchange contacts”, you can exchange your business contacts and references of the social networks with other hicon users through the bracelets with predefined gesture, so you can easily find yourselves in the “virtual” world, share common 
interests and passions on the various social network sites that you love the most.


hicon bangle Highlights:

Express your style:

Textures, colors and interchangeable icons to make your bracelet unique and capable of expressing the most of your social profile.

Always up to date:

Notification calls, watch time,  SMS, instant messaging and social pages: thehicon smart wristband vibrates, the  specific  icons light up and the OLED screendisplays details and  contents of each  notitication.

With you wherever you go:

The wide range of colours, the stylish design and hypoallergenic materials makehicon the ideal accessory in every context.

Hi-Tech resistant:

hicon smart wristband, is made of shatter-proof silicone material, it is waterproof and shockproof.

Always connected:

Bluetooth 4.0 L.E. to be always connected with your smart phone and never miss a notification.

Make new acquaintances:

You can meet each other in the real world and share business and social network contacts with a simple handshake.



The hicon companion App:

hicon is also an App dedicated and free for Android and iOS devices. It allows ultra fine-grained control of notifications to be displayed on the hicon message screen. Together with the bracelet allows you to make new acquaintances and to “socialize“ thanks to the feature “exchange contacts”, you can exchange business and social contacts and references of the your social networks, so you can easily find yourselves in the “virtual” world, share common interests and passions on the various social network platforms. Up to you to set the privacy level of your profile and You can decide what to share and what to look for. You can set and change any time  the maximal frequency of alerts and the priorities.


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Thank you again… we feel so grateful for your support, comments and ideas.

The hicon Team